Kiener’s Route Longs Peak

Climbed one of the classics last weekend, Kiener’s route on Longs Peak. 14k feet with 2600 feet of vertical exposure.  We left the parking lot at 4:30 A.M. and got back in the dark mostly due to a slow decent to the cable route. It is a beautiful climb, lots of exposure but well protected when protection is needed. (Late June 2013)

Cool video of first accent on  Dunn-Westbay, The Diamond.
If I ever need a bigger goal I guess I could run up like these guys, see video and pics.

Specific details of the route and its tragic first accent can be found here. This first picture is from

The East Face of Longs Peak, with Kiener’s Route shown in red and the North Face (Cables Route) descent in blue.
Photo taken May, 2003 from the summit of Mount Lady Washington.


Longs Peak Kieners route
Chasm lake at the bottom of the east face of longs peak. Kiener’s route is to the left of The Diamond.


Broadway ledge and the upper parts of Kiener's route.
Broadway ledge and the upper parts of Kiener’s route. Andy is almost a pitch down the ledge.


Kiener's Route
This looks harder than it is. 5.6 pitches on Kiener’s Route.