2017 Google Update on Analytics, Adwords, Optimize, Attribution, Surveys and More

Have you every wonders what Google is working on regarding Google Analytics, Adwords and optimize? This week the Denver Digital Analytics Association had Casey Carey, Director, Platforms & Publishing Marketing for Google, and President of the DAA Board of Directors speak about the future of Google 360. This shed light into where Google is going and how it is starting to tie all of the products together from a data perspective.

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The goal for Google is to have users spend less time figuring out attribution and set up of the tools and more time analyzing the data easily. In the future you will be able to use “natural language” and type or speak “What is the conversion for Group X in September that were mobile” and google will create the report for you. That simple. Of course this is a bit in the future but now here are some of the gains they have made.

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Optimize – As a conversion rate optimization expert, my first question was on the status of Google Optimize. One of the biggest issues with Google Optimize is you cannot easily set goals unless they are already set in Google Analytics. Within the next year Optimize will be like other A/B tools so that you can select an element like a button and make it a goal. Once this happens I predict the A/B tools market will be shaken up and the only advantage will be A/B tools that have other CRO tools like heatmaps. Even so it is hard to compete against a free Google tool. Google will also be connecting adwords campaigns to Optimize this month.

Google surveys and polls with payments – You can go to an audience and submit a poll or survey. You can do this now for a very low cost. What is nice is you can create audiences from the results and then advertise to just them. You can also send out the survey to groups outside your own audience that are in Google network.

Google is moving away from cookies and toward signed in Google users such as gmail, android phones etc. This is not new but they are pushing it more and more and this has a huge effect on how you can target and gather data on users for example online and offline.

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Online and offline – Now that Google is tracking your phone GPS it knows where you are and how long you were there. It can now track our whole shopping experience. For example you searched and clicked an ad for shoes, you visited X web sites about shoes. You went to three shoe stores and looked up prices in one of the shoe stores with your phone. The last shoe store you went to you used an online coupon. Now the shoe store can track the conversion from the ads to the coupons to the store visits etc. Google is now tracking all your interactions from social posts to searches to physical location etc.

Attribution and prediction – You will be able to analysis all of your channel advertising and set up predictions as to how to move your advertising to the best ROI. For example if you moved 10% of your budget from text to display ads in segment X you will increase conversion by XX%.

Well this is great but is it free? Some of this is free but most cost around $75k year. However Google is working on a tiered pricing model so everyone can take advantage of some of these tools. For example already the Google surveys start at 10 cents per completed survey.

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