Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Paperweight, Touch More for Less

Jeff Bezos is sticking with his model of giving devices away so you can purchase more books and movies. Today Amazon announced the release of their new products providing better quality for less. In the next couple weeks Apple is announcing their new devices. it will be interesting to compare them. Here is what was announced today.

Kindle Touch – $69, shipped Sept 14th, new font, 15% faster

Kindle PaperWhite – $179 with 3G, $119 WIFI only, shipped Oct 1, 3G, 212 pixels per inch, no physical buttons, 8 week battery life.

Kindle Fire – $159 standard model , $499 for 8.9″ 32GB  HD model, $299 for 8.9″16GB HD model, $199 for 7″ 16 GB HD model, they ship Sept 14.  And you can purchase a data plan for $50 a year with 250 MB per month with 20 GB cloud storage. All are 40% faster processor, 16 GB memory.


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