Amazon Kindle ver 1 Screen Saver

The Kindle can view pictures and you can upload images to the screen saver function. As you know pictures on the first version of the kindle are low resolution so black and white or grayscale images work best. The image screen is 800 x 600 pixels but images look best at 550 x 450 pixels. Total image size has to be less than 64k, JPG, GIF or PNG.

To upload an images do the following:
1) With your Kindle connected to you computer, make a folder (with lower case letters) on your Kindle called “pictures”.
2) Create a subfolder and put the images in it.
3) In Home screen press Alt-Z. A new “Folder” should appear as a book. Open it to view your pictures.

To user your images as a screen saver:
1)       Upload images to your Kindle above. Use the folder names “pictures” with a sub folder “screensavers”
2)       From the Kindle home page Press alt-z to create a new book called “screensavers” which you can find at the end of your book list.
3)       Click through each picture by clicking the “next – page” button. On each picture press alt-shift-0 (that is zero). This will set the image as a screen saver.

To delete screen saver images:
To delete your images from the screen saver you have to go to a hidden folder call screen_saver. It is in the systems folder. You will have to set you computer to show hidden files to see it.

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