WTF Trump!

I read an article the other day in Wired Weimar 2.0 hyperinflation is not just pox on currency . (It too bad that Wired is only a few pages now, I remember when it was 1/2 inch thick.) Anyway the article talked about hyperinflation and its effect in WWII and Germany. It also talks about the way are society is changing do to the internet and of course racism.  Continue reading “WTF Trump!”

N1FPA is now K0ETT

I first got my HAM license shortly after college. back then you had to learn morse code to get your novice licence. After I moved to Colorado I missed updating my licence and it expired. The good news is you do not have to know morse code at all for any of the licences. So I now have my General and will be working on my Extra in the winter.  Continue reading “N1FPA is now K0ETT”

2017 Google Update on Analytics, Adwords, Optimize, Attribution, Surveys and More

Have you every wonders what Google is working on regarding Google Analytics, Adwords and optimize? This week the Denver Digital Analytics Association had Casey Carey, Director, Platforms & Publishing Marketing for Google, and President of the DAA Board of Directors speak about the future of Google 360. This shed light into where Google is going and how it is starting to tie all of the products together from a data perspective.

google conversion rate optimization, google optimize

The goal for Google is to have users spend less time figuring out attribution and set up of the tools and more time analyzing the data easily. Continue reading “2017 Google Update on Analytics, Adwords, Optimize, Attribution, Surveys and More”