MyGeoQuest Geo Coins

Did you just find a MyGeoQuest Geo Coin? My daughter and her friends created the name and drawing for each coin. Each coin has a number so you can look up the drawing name. Below are pictures of some of the coins and the coin name by coin number.

MyGeoQuest Wooden Geo Coins

Please post which coin you found and where you found it, location, state, country etc. and any other comments. Please pass the coins along to a friend or another cache.

Post the geo coin you found here.

Look up the geo coin you found below:

Coin Number Name
0001 Ladybug
0002 Santa Clause comes down the chimeny with three stockings
0003 Close up of the sun
0004 bad dreams always come true to aliens
0005 Santa Clause holding his tummy
0006 The key to the door in the cave
0007 Dreams can come true if you live in a beautiful magic garden
0008 The maze of dominos
0009 Red house lots of grass
0010 Butterfly over a garden
0011 Santa’s workshop
0012 House with river during birthday party
0013 The maze of stars
0014 Flowers in a blizzard
0015 Gifts under green tree
0016 The number house
0017 The sail boat for ever
0018 Ladybug finds out a dinosaur is on his back
0019 Bee kind to others
0020 Beach ball
0021 House on a river at night
0022 The J & O maze
0023 The ladybugs sister
0024 The  christmas tree
0025 Close up of the sun set at the beach
0026 The secret red grass garden with black sun
0027 Close up of one red starfish
0028 The little tiny bicycle
0029 Daisy Flower
0030 The end of fall
0031 The windmilll
0032 The broken road
0033 A heart in a green cave with snowflakes
0034 The camel in green snow
0035 The heart that is baried
0036 Dillions heart
0037 A person reading outside
0038 The lost dolphin
0039 The turtle in the rain storm
0040 The Sun – by James age 6
0041 The sun is trying to come out.
0042 The Trutle – by James age 6
0043 Wind blowing in the trees
0044 Jasmine self portrait
0045 The turtle in the logs – by Jack age 3
0046 Big red flower
0047 house on red mountain
0048 Puff the magic dragon
0049 I am good
0050 Prince crown
0051 Mr. Checker Board
0052 Butterfly Bush
0053 I love you
0054 Heart bush
0055 Mist of earth
0056 Star burst
0057 Swirl
0058 The designs
0059 Circle of circles
0060 Target
0061 Night flower
0062 Death flower
0063 Work to do
0064 The thinking family
0065 Check board
0066 Shapes
0067 Seagull – by Ben
0068 Alpine Slide – by Alyssa
0069 Crazy Abstract
0070 Snowman- by Alyssa
0071 Pink Camo- by Alyssa
0072 Willy- by Ben
0073 Snowflake
0074 Headway
0075 LA  Dogers- by Alyssa
0076 Co Rockies- by Alyssa
0077 Easter Bunny – by Ben

Did you find a wooden geo coin?

Did you find one of our wooden geo coins?
Please post which coin you found and where you found it, location, state, country etc. and any other comments. Please pass the coins along to a friend or another cache.

MyGeoQuest Wooden Geo Coins

To look up the coin you found Click Here

Here are some of the posts before this blog was moved.

2009.01.17 – Hi I found #0025 and will pass it on, thanks

2009.02.09 – Found a bunch of these coins today in Waltham, MA in the “Paine in the Neck” geocache. Picked up #0008.

2009.05.05 – Picked Up #0009 Red House with lots of grass at “Paine in the Neck” about four more still there ! This coin will visit Mary’s Little Lamb in Sterling Massachusetts

2009.06.25 – Found 0040, 0041, and 0045 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Wasn’t sure what they were so I left them there.

2009.08.06 – Found #0043 inthe Geocaching GC1FM71 cache located at the Breckenridge Visitor Center. I will leave in a future cache that I find!

2009.08.17 – We found in Evergreen, Colorado and will hide somewhere in Wichita, KS

2009.11.27 – Found #0011 in Evergreen, CO.

2009.12.21 – Hello from Wichita, Kansas! It was an absolutely beautiful day in December for Kansas today! Out caching in Pawnee Prairie Park and found this cute little coin #30 in GC1N1DY The Guardsmen: Athos. Will get this moving soon! TY