Did you find a wooden geo coin?

Did you find one of our wooden geo coins?
Please post which coin you found and where you found it, location, state, country etc. and any other comments. Please pass the coins along to a friend or another cache.

MyGeoQuest Wooden Geo Coins

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Here are some of the posts before this blog was moved.

2009.01.17 – Hi I found #0025 and will pass it on, thanks

2009.02.09 – Found a bunch of these coins today in Waltham, MA in the “Paine in the Neck” geocache. Picked up #0008.

2009.05.05 – Picked Up #0009 Red House with lots of grass at “Paine in the Neck” about four more still there ! This coin will visit Mary’s Little Lamb in Sterling Massachusetts

2009.06.25 – Found 0040, 0041, and 0045 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Wasn’t sure what they were so I left them there.

2009.08.06 – Found #0043 inthe Geocaching GC1FM71 cache located at the Breckenridge Visitor Center. I will leave in a future cache that I find!

2009.08.17 – We found in Evergreen, Colorado and will hide somewhere in Wichita, KS

2009.11.27 – Found #0011 in Evergreen, CO.

2009.12.21 – Hello from Wichita, Kansas! It was an absolutely beautiful day in December for Kansas today! Out caching in Pawnee Prairie Park and found this cute little coin #30 in GC1N1DY The Guardsmen: Athos. Will get this moving soon! TY

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3 thoughts on “Did you find a wooden geo coin?”

  1. Found #0044 in GC1FM71, the Walking Tour of Breckenridge cache. Will probably move it to Maryland, where I live.

  2. Found #0050 “Prince Crown” in GCP6W6, Maxwell Rocks. Will move it along soon to share with others. Cheers!

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