Free eBook Sites

The following links are to sites that offer free books you can downlowd to your reader.

  • Baen Free Library — Over 100 free Science Fiction/Fantasy books, mostly from baen books. Available in several unencrypted, non-DRM formats: HTML, Rocket, Ebookwise, Mobipocket, RTF and Microsoft Reader.
  • BeBook catalog — These are PDF books properly sized for 6″ readers. The also have plain text directly from Gutenberg.
  • BooksInMyPhone — Hundreds of Public Domain and Creative commons books that can be read on java enabled ‘dumb’ cell phones.
  • FeedBooks — Public Domain or CC licensed books available in ePUB, mobi, pdf, custom pdf, and pdf pre-formatted for Sony and Iliad. Users can add books and write book reviews. RSS feeds and Sudoku for your e-ink readers.
  • — Free eBooks mostly in PDF and EXE format. They have an RSS feed that can deliver eBooks.
  • Girlebooks — Free ebooks by women writers, formatted into PDF, LIT, PDB and plain text.
  • Gutenberg Canada — Canada has different copyright laws than the US. These eBooks are public domain in Canada. content is HTML and TXT.
  • Internet Archive:Text — Free Books from a variety of sources, most available as scanned PDFs and OCRed plain text.
  • ManyBooks.Net — Free eBooks, in a variety of formats, mostly from Project Gutenberg. Formates include: Kindle, PDF, PDF large print, eReader, Doc, Mobipocket, Plucker, iSilo, zTXT, iPod Notes, iRex Iliad PDF, Sony lrf, custom PDF, custom HTML, RTF, Newton, TCR, RocketBook, iPhone PDF, iPhone, Mobipocket mobi, iPhone bookmarklet, JAR file. They provide excerpts and sometimes a book description. They allow readers to leave book reviews.
  • Memoware — Another giant collection of texts. This one is not just classic texts, but does include classics. The advantage of this site is that you can usually find a PalmDOC or iSilo text for most of the books. Other PDA formats are also supported on some books. They have their own excellent guides for many aspects of ebook reading on PDAs. It’s a great resource even if you don’t download any of their books.
  • MobileRead uploads — 5,000+ postings in LRF, MOBI, IMP, and miscellaneous other formats. Many of these are hand checked versions of the highest possible quality. They have been prepared by MobileReader users.
  • Munseys — The new name of BlackMask. 20,000+ titles in a variety of formats.
  • Project Gutenberg — Thousands of out-of-copyright books available for free, with more being added every month. This is a huge collection of classic texts that is sure to include your favorites. It is growing all the time, and the most popular books are even available on a CD or DVD that you can receive for free if you don’t have adequate online access. You might even want to consider donating a small amount to support their ongoing work to expand their library. And don’t miss their page on converting texts for PDAs and eReaders.
  • Project Runeberg — Project Runeberg is a volunteer effort to create free electronic editions of classic Nordic (Scandinavian) literature and make them openly available over the Internet.
  • Stanford Collection — Documents and some eBooks – check the dime novels and medieval collection.
  • The – click on digital for Bookseller supplements. The click on PDF to download the book.
  • The Fifth Imperium — CD-ROM images. Mostly the images are of the free CD-ROMs included with some Baen Books. Baen Books allows the CD-ROMs to be copied and distributed for free. Every CD-ROMs contains several complete novels in HTML format, and some have extras, like MP3 readings. All CD-ROMs also contain artwork for the CD-ROM itself.
  • University of Virginia Electronic Text Center — Free online HTML collection with some Adobe Acrobat, Palm Reader, and Microsoft Reader formatted books available. Hosting some books I believe are not found elsewhere online. 2,100 eBooks available.
  • Finding Free eBooks — Frequently updated, links to lots of free ebooks with descriptions and file types available; also links to time limited promotional give-aways. Categorized and searchable. Leave comments and ratings.
  • Free Books — Really big list of links to eBook sites, with descriptions.
  • Free Tech Books — Links to free computer science, engineering and programming books.

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