Goggles Answer to Real Time Search

Google added a new feature a few days ago to complete with the real time search buzz. If you go to advance search scroll close to the bottom and you will see an expandable section called date usage.

You can also access the real time features. After your first search results, look below the Google logo, text shows your setting “Web Show Options” this area also tell you what your current search is “Past 24 hours”.

This allows you to enter how recent the data queried is. Try a search with and with-out this parameter. You will notice blogs, craigslist, and other social posts first when you search for “past 24 hours”. You will also notice the advertisements change.

So what does this all mean? Well it is too early to tell but if people start using it, it gives you options on how you position your site. You can now position your site by having new content every 24 hours to move it up in ranking.

The big question is does this really compete against Twitter and all the other real time search engines? Certainly it takes helps with the stale results Google often provides.

Update 2010 – Googles has a new Real Times search section called http://www.google.com/realtime. This shows results in realtime.

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