Increase Sales by Keeping It Simple

When selling none technical products I have found the best type of sales person has a strong ability to build a connection, enjoys the challenge of a contest and asks for the close. But they usually do not have the attention to detail that a technical sales person has.

For these reasons the more processes you put in place to allow the sales person not to focus on the details the better. Here are some examples on how you can improve your sales organization.

  • Keep the sales tracking system simple by having built in email letters that take no editing or minor editing. This keeps all communications from the company clean, from one voice, and cuts down on grammatical errors. It also saves the sales person hours of time. All they should have to do is click send button, the client and sales persons name should be automatically entered. Having multiple version gets around having to customize each letter. Sales people are good at selling don’t waste their abilities writing letters and doing reports.
  • Build tracking systems so a sales person can work their sales funnel easily with built in reminders. The next call they have to make should automatically come up. They should not have to look for it.
  • When making notes about a call or conversation simplify the process with pull downs to quickly select an answer or create nomenclature like LM for left message and SE for sent email. If done on in Excel keep it consistent so another sales person can work an old sales person queue. Have a comments field so the sale person can leave a few notes if needed.
  • If a sales person needs too much training to explain the product or service or determine the price then how long will it take the buyer to understand it? Keep your sales pricing simple and easy to understand and explain. Simply explanations of how the product or service works with easy to understand examples and analogies.
  • Sales people will make errors if they have to take time to figure out a price or sizing of a product. If the system is complex create calculating tools to size and price the product. Simplify as much as possible.
  • When closing a deal the process should be easily done over the phone on the same call. One call closes should be attainable.
  • If the sale has some complexity to set up the product or service, break the sale up so the sales person can close and then pass it to someone else to configure the product or service.
  • Good sales people that can close deals quickly want to close sales so eliminate all processes so they can do this.
  • Do not mix customer service functions with sales. They are two different types of personalities. In other words a sales person can be unmotivated easily when they hear complaints about the product or service they are pitching as the next best thing.
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