Is Twitter Just a Blip?

My comments to: According to this article, Twitter is Just A Blip So Far.

I find Twitter to be a fire hose of information. The trick is to know how to sift through the junk. In time more apps will be written to help in searching and perhaps one to one communication.

I do not think Twitter is a fad however I do not think we are seeing the final release either. In the end Twitter itself may just be an engine which other companies use to mold the data and connections.

The other issue is how to monetize the medium. Once that nut is cracked then it could be used for commerce and would really grow. This would also tap into other audiences.

I remember being part of a web related group in 1994 talking about social structures of the internet. It is nice to see the ideas we talked about then come to reality. What held most of them back was the acceptance of the internet. The generation of youth today are growing up with it so the social concepts have no barriers anymore.

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