Geo Caching is the adventure of finding Geo Caches which are stashed all over the world. When you find a cache you take an item and replace it with another. My daughter and I have our own caches and have a few geo bugs traveling around the world. We also have wooden geo coins, wooden nickels, floating around as well. You find each cache with GPS coordinates. To learn more about GeoCaching visit Our name on this site is MyGeoQuest if you want to do a search.

MyGeoQuest Wooden Geo Coins

If you found one of our Wooden Geo Coins you can look them up here and post your find here!

Geo Bugs

Geo Bugs are metal tags that have instructions on where they are going. When found the person goes online, looks up the instructions and passes the bug closer to were it is traveling. We currently have two geo bugs.

Peace Around The World – TB1R4T1

This bugs goal is to go to China and collect an old coin and come back
Visit this URL to see how it go to Ireland and back.

Smile – TB1R4TD

This bugs goal is to go to Reading MA
Visit this URL to see how long it has taken.

Geo Caches

Geo Caches are usually small Tupperware containers with goodies in side and small journal. You can take a trinket and leave one of your own. Here are some of our caches.

Jasmines View – GC16ABV
This cache is off a quite road with a hidden trail to a great view.

Jasmine’s Fairy Trees – GC17ACT
This cache is hidden in an old burn area that has small trees were the fairies live.

Here are two other cashes deep in the Colorado Mountains

Crystal Saddle – GC1688T

Crystal Mine – GC16891