N1FPA is now K0ETT

I first got my HAM license shortly after college. back then you had to learn morse code to get your novice licence. After I moved to Colorado I missed updating my licence and it expired. The good news is you do not have to know morse code at all for any of the licences. So I now have my General and will be working on my Extra in the winter. 

I got a new 2M and HF rig. Things have changed in 30 years. There are new digital modes and the equipment is smaller.  There is a new thing called SOTA which means Summits On The Air. Basically making contacts on mountain tops. This combines my engineering and climbing parts of my life. Don’t get me wrong 30 years ago I made transmissions on mountain tops and a friend of mine smuggled a HF rig and antenna around 1989 to the summit of Mt Everest to make contacts. So this is nothing new it just has a following and people are hanging out at home listening to make contacts with people on a summit. 

Ironically the best contacts are made with lower power using morse code. So I am back to learning morse code. Sigh… More to follow….

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