Real-Time Search Engines

With advent of micro blogs like Twitter and other sites the concept of real time search is starting to come to reality. Real time search allows you to take pulse of what is going on in society at that moment.

Real time search engines are the next para-dyne shift in the search engine industry. If we step back we first had the internet classified by directories (Yahoo), then the most popular sites by content relativity and link backs (Google). Now the race is on for real time search engines allowing the user to become like the NSA and tap into societies converstations and thoughts.

The uses of real time search engines range from researching marketing trends to finding comments on that product or service you want to purchase to getting the latest news as it is happening.

Even the social networks are making there sites show more real time results.  – You can search for posts that are happening in real time. try this with a # before your subject that you are searching. – has taken its real time search feature out of beta. – has redesigned there site to be more like twitter with realtime updates.

Below are some the latest Real Time Search Engines – one of the first real time search engines. Allows you to choose from 10 categories where you want to search from latest news, blogs sites to videos etc. – searches Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and others to provide real time search results. – shows new web pages as they appear in the net. – mixes Google and Twitter results. – program combining Google, wikipedia, YourTube and Twitter results. This is a browser plug in. – a shows most popular web pages based on Twitter posts. – choose from searching blogs, news sites, social bookmarks, lifestreaming, video and images. – Twine is a bookmarking site but collects data and presents it in real time. – Omgili Stream gives you a real-time feed of discussions that are taking place in thousands of forums and other discussion-based platforms. The results are a live stream of data from our hard-working crawlers. not live as of this posting, beta is – Collecta is the web’s most powerful real time search engine, posting photos and posts from sites like Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, and more.

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