Teenage Suicide WTF?

When I was in high school it seemed that each class had a student that died in a car accident. My daughter is half way through high school and knows of three classmates that have died from suicide and others that have tried. What the fuck is going on!

What is happening in our society that kids think death is better that life? Many of these kids do well in school and are often liked by others.

Are kids being pushed to hard in school? By that I mean do they feel their life will be worthless if they do not have perfect test scores? Who is pressuring them? Is it the schools, parents or themselves? 

As everyone knows were you went to college is not really that important once you are out in the workforce. And nobody asks what your High School English or Physics grade was.

Some say it is the internet that is causing this with immediate negative reactions and intense social pressure from social sites and access to all types of information. 

Others say parents aren’t connected to their kids. I think every generation has said that…

I have no clue…It could be a little of all of the above.  Just make sure you hug your kids everyday and take time to talk and LISTEN to them. We have all been teenagers and it can be confusing, exciting and just suck. But just like when they were 3 and fell down and skinned a knee we still have to be there to support and guide them even if they don’t show it.


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