What I Learned at SearchCon 2017

Last week was SearchCon http://searchcon.event. Searchcon is a unique conference high in the Rocky Mountains at Breckenridge Colorado. The whole event was shrouded by a spring storm that shut down the major highway I70. This kept everyone focused on the event since at times it was not easy to leave. The views out the windows of conference had gently falling snow a fox and three moose.

The conference covered a number of topics from the famous white hat black hat SEO debate and tricks of the trade to paid advertising and conversion rate optimization to how to avoid costly mistakes in running an ad agency / business to the future of the internet. The attendees ranged from ad agencies, internet marketing consultants to marketers and founders of companies to gather the latest insights.

I spoke on conversion rate optimization with two CRO pros and also provided free CRO audits. We each gave a presentation than answered questions as a panel which was lot of fun. I found the most interesting presentations about what the future will hold such as:

  • How to position your site for voice search.
  • The future of search as it moves away from desktop and mobile and toward voice without a screen. Think Amazon, Apple and Google devices that listen to you all the time ready to answer your questions.
  • How Google is pushing everyone to post AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and have all the data on their servers. This allows Google to control everything and not be reliant on crawling sites. It also allows the data to be presented very quickly since it is only on their servers, and your phone. That’s a bit scary.
  • Business to people – how companies are making their online and offline presentations and user engagement at the personal level. This means when you get online everything that is known about you is used to present only what you want or are most interested in.

I will update this post once the presentations are live.

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