Why Does Facebook Want Twitter?

Recently Facebook has made a number of changes, many of them have been viral in nature. Ever since Twitter turned down Facebooks offer to acquire them Facebook has been building and improving their micro blogging functionality themselves. Will they not need Twitter at some point? Come to think of it why do they want them at all?

The question is even though Twitter is over 6 million unique visitors a huge jump from a Compete estimate of 800k the year before. Will Twitter come up with a way to create and sustain profitability? Are most of the user on Facebook already?

One unclear move by Facebook is to limit the number of friends to 5000, and disable accounts for connecting to too many friends, too many pokes and joining too many groups. They have also shut down accounts that are business focused. It seems that FaceBook has made up it’s mind and stay focused on individuals only and not broaden its revenue potential and allow businesses and business people to network.

So why would Facebook be interested in Twitter which has a high component of unlimited tweeting and has a large business oriented following?

Perhaps it is because Twitter is has a free think tank or incubator and could possible stumble onto the next great idea or better yet a way to make big money in social networking. One smart move on Twitters part is the free API they have offered to creative entrepreneurs and a developer. This causes a mass brainstorming and allowed twitter to have others create and build concepts and tools for free. Twitter then purchases the best of the breed and most likely saves millions in research and development costs and at no risk since the 3rd party site is proven to work with the public already.

Latest news is Google is trying to acquire Facebook…Hmmm

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