WTF Trump!

I read an article the other day in Wired Weimar 2.0 hyperinflation is not just pox on currency . (It too bad that Wired is only a few pages now, I remember when it was 1/2 inch thick.) Anyway the article talked about hyperinflation and its effect in WWII and Germany. It also talks about the way are society is changing do to the internet and of course racism. 

My take on Trump is he is psychologically not stable and his sense of reality and ego are way out of wack. 

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We can all get upset about how he twists his view of reality on the public by exaggerating facts, making up facts and in some cases just not understanding how things work. He is a master of creating problems to steer the public away from another issue. His comfort zone is conflict, if he is not in conflict he does not feel at ease. 

But hating Trump is not going to solve anything. The bigger issue is how did we elect him and what does that say about our society? Granted how to become a president is a chess game. Elections are not always the sum of what the people individually voted but that is a separate issue.

So why is America allowing the rise of bigotry and hate? Are people so unhappy that they find it easier to hate someone who is not exactly like them thinking that will make them happy?

Are we naive and believe everything someone says without doing any do-diligence, fact checking or pondering the truth?

Is the societies middle class disappearing and more people have less money to make ends meet? So more people are becoming frustrated and just want a change any change?

I guess the good news is we do have checks and balances in our government so no one president can sink the country. This goes both ways no matter what party is in office. 

I just hope people start putting energy into the bigger issues instead of wasting time hating Trump because if they do ironically they are just like Trump hating anyone coming into the country.

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